Plant Information Online is made possible through the support of the following individuals and institutions:

University of Minnesota

University Librarian, University of Minnesota Libraries – Lisa German; Wendy Lougee (retired)

Andersen Horticultural Library, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, University of Minnesota

  1. Kathy Allen, Librarian, Andersen Horticultural Library (AHL)
  2. Richard T. Isaacson, Bibliographer and AHL Head Librarian, retired
  3. Julie Friedman, Library Assistant
  4. Jocelyn Baker, Library Assistant
  5. C. Renee Jensen, Library Assistant, retired

And through the generous support of: Andersen Book Trust, Friends of Andersen Horticultural Library, and University of Minnesota Libraries.

About the University of Minnesota Library System

The University of Minnesota Library System, with more than 7,500,000 volumes, houses some of the world’s premier research collections and serves one of the largest student bodies in the United States. Its collection of plant sciences literature is particularly strong. The system is ranked 16th out of 113 U.S. research libraries in collection size; ranks first of 113 research libraries in number of loans, and has over 2 million user visits per year.

Andersen Horticultural Library (AHL), part of the Library System, is a research library whose rich collections are always available on-site. It is located at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, a 1,200+ acre research and educational institution of the University of Minnesota.

Magrath Library is the main library on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota. Its collections cover life sciences, agriculture, environmental science, and a variety of arts and social sciences.

All work on this site is based on the collections found either in Andersen Horticultural Library or in Magrath Library.