Zelkova serrata

Scientific Name: Zelkova Spach. (Ulmaceae) serrata Mak.

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Nursery Name City State / Province
Gardens Alive! Lawrenceburg Indiana
Rhora's Nut Farm and Nursery Wainfleet Ontario
Woodlanders, Inc. Aiken South Carolina
Nursery Name City State / Province
Greenleaf Nursery Co. Park Hill Oklahoma
Heritage Seedlings & Liners, Inc. Salem Oregon
JLPN Inc. Salem Oregon
Louisiana Forest Seed Company, Inc Lecompte Louisiana
Mosterman Plants Inc. Chilliwack British Columbia
Orange County Nursery, Inc. Moorpark California
Schumacher, F. W., Co., Inc. Sandwich Massachusetts
Transplant Nursery, Inc. Lavonia Georgia
Wanamaker Nursery, Inc. McMinnville Tennessee
Warren County Nursery, Inc. McMinnville Tennessee
Willamette Nurseries, Inc. Canby Oregon

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Zelkova serrata

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